InventHelp Device Prevents Clogged Lawnmower Decks

Tired of facing the same problem, one inventor developed a new device that would prevent grass and debris from clogging mowers.

One inventor has created a device that attaches to the bottom of a lawnmower and prevents debris from clinging to the bottom.

"Every time I mowed my lawn, the deck of the lawnmower would become clogged," said an inventor from Ottawa Lake, MI. "I’d stomp on the deck until my foot hurt, but to no avail."

In order to solve his problem, he designed and created a prototype of a device that he says has made the job a breeze. The Lawn Mower Buddy keeps grass and other debris from accumulating under a lawnmower deck. It eliminates clogs and prevents the user from having to stomp on or kick the deck to dislodge grass and debris. Overall, it saves time and effort. The device is easy to use and ideal for lawn-care professionals and households.

The original design was submitted to the Bingham Farms office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write  call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn more about InventHelp's Invention Submission Services at