Telematics Now on John Deere Large-frame Loaders

Operators of large-frame G-Series skid steers and CTLs gain added security features, along with insights into fuel, uptime and jobsite optimization.

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John Deere’s telematics system, JDLink, is now available as a factory-installed option on all new large-frame G-Series Skid Steers (330G, 332G) and Compact Track Loaders (331G, 333G). JDLink is installed as the machine is being built in Dubuque, IA, and is an alternative solution to the commonly known aftermarket “slap and track” method.

JDLink remotely connects owners and managers to their equipment, providing valuable insight needed to increase profit on every jobsite. “John Deere has invested heavily over the last decade to become a leading technology solutions provider, not just a manufacturer that produces world-class machines,” said Paul Garcia, John Deere WorkSight product manager. “Our goal is to provide solutions, not just data, and our exclusive JDLink offering is the gateway to increased productivity, helping customers centrally and smartly manage their entire fleet and grow their business. Our customers asked for telematics capabilities on compact equipment, and we’re now delivering it as a factory option with a competitive, three-year subscription on our new large-frame skid steers and compact track loaders.”

Security. Increased vehicle security is the top benefit from JDLink for compact equipment. Smaller machines have some of the highest theft rates for construction machines. JDLink enables geofencing (virtual boundaries) and curfews (timeframes) that provide an instant alert if the machine is out of customer-defined bounds.

Fuel, maintenance monitoring. Customers also like to remotely monitor fuel and DEF to know when a machine needs refueling. Customers can use hours and location to track and manage preventative maintenance in the in-base Maintenance Manager application that includes a single click for online parts ordering from their local John Deere dealer. The factory option on the large-frame G-Series models empowers customers to optimize their machines, uptime and job site.

Machine optimization. JDLink allows customers to see machines that are idling excessively, inactive, running at very high loads for long periods of time, or moving when they shouldn't be.

Uptime optimization. JDLink solutions can also serve as helpful maintenance assistants whether a customer is responsible for a large fleet spread across many locations or a single machine within sight. JD Link provides:

  • Insights to identify when a machine needs attention
  • Diagnostic trouble code alerts that are easy to understand and are actionable 
  • Improved uptime with a robust maintenance planning tool called Maintenance Manager
  • Efficient and accurate parts ordering through integration with online parts store

Jobsite optimization. Once the information from a large-frame G-Series machine reaches the JDLink Dashboard, customers and dealer personnel have an easy way to manage machine location, alerts, engine hours, maintenance and JDLink Ultimate data, which includes productivity and efficiency utilization. This enables:

  • Integrated planning for jobsite operations and project management
  • Valuable insights into operator performance to identify training gaps
  • Increased machine availability through improved maintenance planning and tracking.
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