Great Customer Service Works for Ground Works

Having the necessary experience under its belt, Ground Works Land Design provides insight and advice to other firms starting out in the industry.

Ryan Hattaway/Ground Works Land Design

To thrive in the green industry, innovative designs and unwavering customer service must go hand in hand. For Ground Works Land Design, that isn’t a problem.

The Westlake, Ohio-based landscape and design firm has made a name for itself in its 13 years of service by creating dramatic outdoor living spaces and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

“Our clients come to us because they know, no matter the size or scope of the project, they will receive top-notch customer service through our proven process,” says Joseph Stark, marketing director, Ground Works Land Design.

The firm recently completed a project in Westlake, Ohio, where Senior Designer Brandon Kliment led the charge. The customer’s high-end vision included a resort-style pool and backyard.The customer’s high-end vision included a resort-style pool and backyard.The customer’s high-end vision included a resort-style pool and backyard.Ryan Hattaway/Ground Works Land Design

“Our goal was to provide our client with a large-scale backyard transformation that appropriately blended modern elements with the home’s classic surroundings,” Stark says. “We agreed to place water as the focal point and seamlessly work around the resort-style pool. We were expected to finish every inch of the backyard surrounding the pool after its installation. The client had a specific style, which included premium finishes, and through our design process and ongoing customer meetings, we delivered.”

To get the job done, the team used excavators, skid steers, mini track loaders, concrete buggies and jumping-jack tampers, just to name a few. For landscape and hardscape work, teams of four were assigned to each, respectively.

However, every professional knows that no successful project can go without a hitch. Ground Works Land Design found its obstacle in the form of the pool’s installation and drainage.

“The grade of the property was unusual, particularly on the backside of the lot, behind the evergreens and against the fence,” Stark says. “This made drainage with the pool very challenging.”

With a little creativity, the team managed to find an alternative route to fix the drainage issue.

“When laying concrete and turf, we tied all under piping and plumbing into a storm drain in the rear of the yard,” Stark explains.

After solving the drainage puzzle, the team pulled together a beautiful product for their customer and delivered on their promises.

At dusk, over 30 lighting elements, including some in the pool, are revealed.At dusk, over 30 lighting elements, including some in the pool, are revealed.Ryan Hattaway/Ground Works Land Design“With water as the focal point, we surrounded the pool with three unique paver patios, including a sunbathing deck that resembles the look of hardwood,” Stark says. “Multiple textured four-by-four concrete slabs connect these hardscape features, which are softened by turf, a three-hole putting green and large evergreens on the backside of the property. At dusk, more than 30 lighting elements, including some in the pool, are revealed.”

The firm boasts a 30-plus vehicle fleet and 45 employees. Having the necessary experience under its belt, the Ground Works Land Design firm is able to provide insight and advice to other firms.

“A defined company process is crucial for any project,” Stark says. “Proper scheduling and internal communication, as well as customer communication, are at the forefront.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forced every industry to make changes, and the green industry was no exception. Supply chain disruptions led to inflation, delivery fallout and mass product shortages.

“When scheduling, make sure to set realistic expectations,” Stark advises. “With material price increases and shortages, it’s important to expedite where you can.”

While landscape design and build are the firm’s main forte, Ground Works added snow and ice management to its service repertoire in the winter months. The firm continues to expand its services with a sister stone company, Granite Works Stone Design, that was added to the firm’s portfolio as of late 2021.

The team is in pursuit to carve a new lane in the landscape industry with professional client services at its forefront,” Stark says.