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Strong lawns start with Toro's Multi Force attachments

Grand Stant Multi Force Pro Force Blower
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Toro Multi-Force Attachments System tools allow landscape and lawncare professionals to customize their attachments to meet their local, on-the-ground needs. Used on the Toro Grandstand Multi Force stand-on mower, the attachments allow for year-round versatility with 9 Multi Force attachments to rake, aerate, bag, plow (leaves, snow), dethatch and blow (leaves, snow). Use one or use them all. Attachments include:

Lawn Care

  • EZ Vac Powered Bagger – a patent-pending side-mounted Soft Twin Bagger features a large, 10 cu. ft. capacity. The vertically mounted blower allows for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces with maximum visibility.
  • Pro Force Blower – The Pro Force Blower has a 360-degree nozzle rotation and utilizes the Multi Force 26.5 hp Kohler Command Pro EFI engine to deliver tremendous air power for fast removal of grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and other debris.
  • Tine Rake Dethatcher – Turn the GrandStand into the ultimate spring clean-up tool with the Multi Force front-mount tine rake dethatcher to remove thatch, embedded leaves and debris.
  • Hooker Aerator – Puncture up to six holes per square foot with Toro’s 38-inch wide aerator. Tines pierce deep into the soil, hooking and lifting loose plugs of dirt that disperse nutrients over the surface.
  • Leaf Plow – Clear large areas quickly with the new Multi-Force Leaf Plow. At 55-inches wide, it moves a ton of leaves in a short time. The high-strength galvanized steel construction not only ensures long-term durability, it provides the strength to push heavy, wet leaves. The stainless-steel tines won't damage grass or turf. When your task is complete, the plow folds up over the deck, so it fits easily on your trailer.

Snow Removal

  • BOSS 60-inch Plow – The Boss Plow features a five-foot tough and rugged poly straight blade and a 30-degree lift height for superior snow stacking. It’s ready to handle driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and small parking lots.
  • Power Broom – The 55-inch Power Broom is designed to tackle sidewalks and clear snow and debris down to the pavement. This fully hydraulic power broom delivers 225 revolutions per minute to quickly clear any Mother Nature throws in your way.
  • Snow Blower – Clear both tight and large spaces with the new Multi Force Snow Blower. At 48-inches wide, the snow blower is perfect for sidewalks but also big enough to make quick work of driveways and parking lots.  It prevents the risk of jarring impacts through a unique urethane trip edge that softens any contact with obstacles like uneven pavement, cobblestones, manhole covers and more. The lift and chute rotation are controlled by low-flow hydraulics for easy adjustments, and the blower is powered by high-flow hydraulics to ensure there's plenty of power to throw piles of snow.
  • BOSS 48-Inch Plow – The BOSS 48-inch plow clears standard sidewalks in one pass while providing you the versatility of getting snow out of tight spaces. Lifting the blade and adjusting the angle on the fly is easy thanks to the low-flow hydraulics.
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