Stihl Bringing Electronic Fuel Injection to Handheld Equipment

New TS 500i Cutquik concrete saw features improved power-to-weight ratio and fuel economy, lower emissions.

Ts500i Act 017

Featuring the handheld outdoor power equipment industry’s first electronically controlled fuel-injection system, Stihl’s TS 500i Cutquik increases power by 17% while only increasing weight by 6%, as compared to the Stihl TS 420.

Dr. Bertram Kandziora, Stihl’s executive board chairman, is a firm believer in the new technology. "It ensures really easy starts and optimum engine power at all times with excellent running behavior and throttle response as well as greater fuel economy and lower emissions,” Kandziora says. “With the Stihl TS 500i, even the toughest of cutting operations will be performed more easily and efficiently than ever before. As it has no carburetor, this highly innovative power pack is characterized by much more power in the same space, and thus has an exceptional power to weight ratio."

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