Designed and installed by McKay Landscape Lighting in Omaha, NE

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McKay Landscape Lighting specializes in, you guessed it, landscape lighting. No mowing, no tree trimming, no hardscaping ... just lighting. They're good at it.

"A homeowner wanted to completely renovate an old farmhouse," says Jerry McKay, company owner and primary designer. "We came in at the end of the project to install all of the outdoor lighting. The client wanted to have a ‘wow’ factor and allowed us to be creative in that aspect of the project. The client didn't give us a budget.

"We used a mixture of LED and incandescent lighting‎," McKay continues. "We used Auroralight, Night Orbs, Hanover Lantern, Lumiere, CopperMoon and Kim Lighting. The lighting was installed in several phases over a few years. The last phase took about a month to complete, which is where we used mostly LED lighting."

In business since 1987, McKay Landscape Lighting is one of the oldest dedicated landscape lighting firms in the Omaha region. Its professional designers, installers and staff serve thousands of customers and have completed lighting assignments all over the country.