DEKOR Lighting Vows to Donate 50 Percent of Labor Day Weekend Profits to Hurricane Harvey Relief

By donating 50 percent of all profits from Labor Day weekend, DEKOR hopes to lend a helping hand to Houston.

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DEKOR Lighting, a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting based in Denver, has promised to help heal the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. By donating 50 percent of all profits from Labor Day weekend, DEKOR hopes to lend a helping hand to the Houston Food Bank and Houston Humane Society.

Ultimately, DEKOR hopes to provide some comfort in this trying time and unite people for one worthy cause. With any and every product, half of DEKOR’s proceeds for Labor Day weekend will support the Houston Food Bank and Houston Humane Society.

The Houston Food Bank helps support families in need of meals and other groceries, giving them the means to survive. Now, their services are demanded more than ever, as many homes and families were devastated in Harvey’s wake, destroying food sources, as well as funds and savings. By supporting DEKOR Lighting, you’re supporting Houston families and victims of Hurricane Harvey, and helping get them back on the road to safety and health. Although DEKOR will be supporting the food bank with donations, you can also help contribute desperately needed supplies to the organization. The food bank is asking for canned ready-to-eat items, toiletries, diapers and more. Find out how you can help by visiting their social media to see the full list.

Along with the food bank, the Houston Humane Society houses abandoned pets and animals throughout the region. It’s up to the Humane Society to now find, rehabilitate and return pets lost in the hurricane to their homes, and hopefully mend broken hearts and repair lost hope. By rescuing these lost animals, the Houston Humane Society is building the city back up again, with compassion, kindness and some furry friends. If you’re an animal lover like DEKOR is, you can help build up the city, too. On top of the monetary donations being provided by DEKOR, Houston Humane also has an immediate need for supplies, include puppy training pads, litter trays, dog and cat food, and more. Visit their site to find their Amazon wish list if you’re looking to support them directly.

When faced with such loss and devastation, it’s important to remember what matters most. As a company founded on compassion, understanding and heart, DEKOR values people over everything else.