How Millennials Are Changing the Landscape Sector

Driven by social media trends and environmental consciousness, millennials are shaping landscape design and lawn maintenance services.

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Gardening's calming reputation has long stereotyped it as a hobby best saved for middle age, but a new crop of plant enthusiasts is redefining how the lawn and landscape industry serves its customers.

Millennials—roughly 75 million Americans between the ages of 23 and 38—don't necessarily view houseplants and veggie gardens as work. Instead, many members of the nation's largest adult demographic view plants as living pieces of art.

“They enjoy the entertainment component,” said Missy Spayd Kauffman, co-owner of Spayd's Outdoor Environments in Alsace Township in Pennsylvania.

Millennials, she said, help fill most of the classes at Spayd's, from arranging pumpkin succulents to making terrariums or designing fairy gardens.

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