TRU-Mulch Line

Finn TRU-Mulch Line

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Finn Corporation's TRU-Mulch line consists of six mulches specially designed to meet the demands of various erosion control and hydroseeding projects. The wood fibers used throughout the line originate from virgin poplar and pine wood chips from forests of the eastern United States. A non-toxic green dye is added to the fibers to increase visibility during application and to enhance aesthetic appeal.
• TRU-Wood provides an effective solution for basic erosion control and hydroseeding needs.
• TRU-Wood with HydroStik enhances the effectiveness of TRU-Wood by adding Finn's HydroStik tackifier. This increases erosion protection by allowing a stronger binding of fibers to the soil.
• TRU-Blend combines the holding strength of wood fiber with a clean, recycled paper product. It features the same holding strength as TRU-Wood.
• TRU-Blend with HydroStik increases the erosion protection of the standard TRU-Blend product by adding Finn's HydroStik tackifier.
• TRU-Max SMM is a stabilized mulch matrix designed for 3- to 6-month soil stabilization and erosion control projects in construction areas where the soil has been disturbed.
• TRU-Bond BFM provides great holding power on the toughest slopes.

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