Focus on the positives

I talked with Pennsylvania contractor this morning who shared what he called a “life-changing†experience. He attended a recent PLANET event in Florida where a speaker talked about the importance of having the right focus in your business. As an example, he showed a photo of his family skiing across a glacier, and having to negotiate a large crack or crevice. His advice? If you focus on the crack, that’s where you will end up. Instead, focus on that strip of snow that will carry you safely across. Sounds like me trying to hit a golf ball over water. Anyway, this contractor noted that his company culture, more specifically company morale, had been slipping in recent years, and now he knows why. He and his two managers have been spending too much time focusing on the problems and not enough time focusing on the positive aspects of the business. His employees were doing the same, and becoming less motivated. No question, today it’s all too easy with the media hype about the economy and the realities of running a business to focus on the problems and challenges. Changing focus a bit, to bring your company strengths and victories more into play will probably have as much of a positive affect on your employees as it will have on you. Food for thought, anyway – and the stock market is up today. Rod Dickens, Senior Editor, PRO