Keys to Smart Water Management

The Irrigation Association looks forward to celebrating pioneers of the irrigation industry and the current innovators and contributors who are focusing on smart irrigation and the future of water management.

The IA has designated July 5 as Technology Tuesday, an official kickoff to Smart Irrigation Month.
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As the calendar turns to June, summer announces its official arrival in many parts of our country with the familiar sounds of irrigation systems: watering our home and business landscapes and gardens, parks and sports fields. For those in the green industry—as well as their customers—this time of year puts a different focus on the irrigation side of our businesses. 

Whether it is a response to drought conditions in the West, a commitment to maintain a special recreation space, a desire to be good stewards of a fragile natural resource or simply a shocking water bill, there is a strong momentum, even necessity in many areas, to use irrigation water as efficiently as possible while maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape.

The Irrigation Association’s (IA) mission is to promote efficient irrigation, which means the wise and efficient use of water. Each year, the IA spotlights these efforts through its Smart Irrigation Month initiative celebrated throughout July. Smart Irrigation Month promotes the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in landscape, turf and agricultural irrigation. It also highlights those who share our commitment and responsibility to the most efficient and effective use of our most precious resource: water.

In 2022, the Smart Irrigation Month theme is Proud of our past. Focused on the future. The IA looks forward to celebrating the invaluable pioneers of the irrigation industry and the current innovators and contributors who are focusing on the future of our industry and how smart irrigation will continue to benefit our society through more efficient food production and sustainable landscapes.

Promote Your Work During July

Smart Irrigation Month is the ideal opportunity for you to share that you are the future of irrigation, helping your customers, community and the public understand that efficient irrigation tools and practices save them water and money, while being good stewards of the land. Take advantage throughout the month of July to promote your company as a leader in water-saving irrigation practices and promote the smart irrigation solutions you can provide, as well as the people and technology behind them.

One way to do this is by sharing your stories with the IA. We want to hear what your company and teams are doing to promote smart irrigation practices, how you are focused on creating a sustainable future involving irrigation and who in your company is championing your efforts to spread the word about the importance of efficient irrigation. Go to and use our Smart Irrigation Month questionnaire to share your smart irrigation story and submit photos or videos of your team and your work to help your customers irrigate efficiently. 

Throughout July, the IA’s social media channels will highlight your stories and share how landscape contractors and irrigation companies are doing their part to promote water-efficient irrigation practices and technologies.

Ride the Blue Wave

The IA has designated July 5 as Technology Tuesday, an official kickoff to Smart Irrigation Month. On July 5, we encourage those in the industry to wear blue to support and bring awareness to this important initiative. Post photos of you and your team wearing blue on your own social media accounts and use #smartirrigationmonth to join our blue wave.

The IA’s 2022 Smart Irrigation Month is a national event, promoting the use of smart irrigation practices and products in all parts of the country. There are numerous other ways you and your company can be involved:

  • Make a splash on social media using a video, photographs or colorful infographics. Kick off your social media blitz on July 5.
  • Use the Smart Irrigation Month logo on your website, as backdrops for your Zoom meetings and on marketing materials throughout July to let your web visitors, business partners and customers know you support smart irrigation.
  • Include a note in information sent to clients about how your company is using water-efficient practices.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper sharing why efficient water use is important to the industry — and if published, share a copy with us.
  • Request a proclamation from your city officials to recognize July as Smart Irrigation Month.
  • Issue press releases about your participation in Smart Irrigation Month to local media.

Need help getting started? Resources, tools and education materials for all of the ideas above and more are available at This website contains logos, social media templates and messaging, infographics, Zoom backgrounds, as well as sample press releases, proclamation requests and public service announcements. Use Smart Irrigation Month to your full advantage by celebrating and promoting the many benefits that efficient irrigation has to offer.

Smart and sustainable irrigation practices are valued year-round, and July is an opportunity to collectively encourage customers to use smart irrigation products and technologies when installing an irrigation system or to make existing systems more efficient with easy retrofits—and you are their partners and leaders in this important effort. Your work helps ensure that we are protecting one of our world’s most valuable natural resources while maintaining beautiful landscapes that play an important role in our lives and communities and contribute to our overall physical and mental health.