Enough Already!

Anywhere you go these days it seems people are singing the blues. Just the other day I stopped in at local shop on Main Street. I was greeted by the sales girl at the front desk who told me a sorry tale of sales lost. I felt for her and wanted to support my local business so I went forward with my planned purchase … and then some. I wanted to throw them some business, but at the same time I was not happy with my experience there. Chances are I won’t be so quick to go back next time in fear of experiencing the same sad interaction. What i was hoping for was a pleasant shopping experience that would have left me feeling uplifted and confident in my purchase. Instead, I left feeling as if I should run home and stuff all my money under my mattress in these “tough timesâ€. When customers come in do you greet them with a frown or a smile? In a study by the International Journal of Research in Marketing, they found that the interaction between the customer and the salespeople is an essential one. No duh, right? But they did mention that the level of warmth a customer feels from the salesperson can lead to a perceived connection that makes the business and its products/services seem more likable and of a higher quality, leading to loyalty from the customer. So when a customer comes through your doors, try providing them with a a pleasurable experience. Of course you want to relate to what they too may be going through, but you don’t have to feed into the negativity. Approach the customer with a positive attitude, selling your optimism as well as a great product. They should be happy to return. Thanks for reading, Lisa Danes