The Green Industry Uses Facebook

Social networking has been growing in many industries, and is now being used even more as a tool for the Green Industry. Dealers and contractors are using the free site to connect with peers and open discussions about the latest equipment trends, industry news, bidding on jobs, completing installation projects, etc. It can be a great tool for getting advice and sharing your own expertise. Yard & Garden and PRO have Facebook groups for dealers and contractors. We hope these private groups will consist of forward-thinking dealers and contractors whose ideas will help keep our editorial content in line with reader cares and concerns. But just like a good mower, Facebook is only going to help you get the job done if you know how to start and maintain it. Signing up for a Facebook profile is easy, as the website walks you through the steps. However, managing one isn’t such a no-brainer. There are several articles online that walk you through the steps of using facebook. Here is a series of eHow videos that can help get you started. Already using Facebook? How are you using it as a tool to better your business? Tell us in the comment section. Lisa Danes, Yard & Garden and PRO associate editor