Time to Plant the Seed

Getting customers thinking about snow equipment maintenance and spring purchases could lead to sales in the spring and a manageable winter in the shop. Many landscapers swear by planting in the late summer and early fall to give plants a chance to take root before the cooler winter months. The late summer is also a good time for dealers to plant the seed about snow thrower maintenance and repairs. Now is the time to start reminding your customers to bring in their snow management equipment so it’s ready for the first snowfall. By encouraging customers to come in before the snow season starts, you are preventing your shop from getting bogged down with repairs and leaving customers unhappy with turnaround time. You’ll likely still have customers that come in asking for their repair to be done yesterday, but even if only a few plan ahead it will lighten your load. A good way to encourage customers to come in early is by offering early bird deals on maintenance. Read these articles on Selling Out Inventory with Fall Demos and Building Relationships with Demos. Planning ahead and staying in front of your customers keeps you in their minds instead of the competition. It could bring the sales your way in the spring, while helping winter months in the shop to be more manageable. - Lisa Danes, Associate Editor