Landscaping Should Be Spared Amidst Budget Cuts

I just read an interesting news story out of Florida. A local news agency's investigative reporting team is doing one of those "we'll find out how your tax dollars are being wasted" type of reports. Well, it was discovered that an $880,000 landscaping project is going through in Lee County, even though Lee County has been struggling to balance its budget over the past few years, resulting in various budget cuts, pay freezes and even job losses. So the question is: Should an entity (whether a governmental body, company, or whatever) invest in landscaping during tough times? I agree with the two commissioners quoted in the news story by saying "yes". The investment in landscaping should be good for business in Lee County. It is expected to help tourism. Local businesses are very excited because the landscape upgrades will make the area a lot more appealing, which, in turn, should help business. Finally, the project is expected to create up to 75 temporary jobs. While some people view landscaping, lawn maintenance and/or lawn care as "unnecessary" during tough times, there's no denying the fact that landscaping is good for the economy, which is most people's No. 1 concern right now. ~ Gregg Wartgow