Homeowners Focused on Landscape Improvements

A couple of recently published research studies point to increased interest in landscaping among homeowners. Focus on yard-related enhancements Homeowners tackling landscape projects The nearly 50 million homeowners looking to complete landscaping projects present a massive opportunity for both landscape contractors and landscape equipment/supply dealers. Roughly 60% of homeowners are looking to outsource a project to a contractor, while the other 40% are looking to complete the project themselves. As the housing market remains soft -- and homeowners come to understand the importance landscaping plays in a home's value -- contractors and dealers must come to understand what homeowners want and need, and how they can fulfill those needs. According to the Scarborough study, nearly half of homeowners said they shopped at Home Depot and/or Lowe's. According to the Kudzu study, an overwhelming number of homeowners are not brand loyal. In fact, they have no clue at all about the brands they have to choose from. In today's world of social media and slant toward spending money with local small business, contractors and dealers have an opportunity to strengthen their personal brands and grow their sales by getting closer to their customers and more entrenched in their communities. ~ Gregg Wartgow, editor in chief