GIPs are VIPs, No Doubt About It

The snow beatdown is on, reminding us how thick-skinned Green Industry Pros really have to be.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Lisa Danes and I were writing stories about how unbelievable it was that we had very little snow in early January. Here we are, a couple of weeks and a few snowstorms later, and I'm whining that "we've now had enough!"

I'm reminded how Green Industry Pros (contractors and equipment dealers) don’t get enough credit for the role they play in emergency-response situations. Whether it’s helping make roads and parking lots more passable during snow storms, or helping clean up after ice storms, hurricanes or tornadoes, Green Industry Pros help supply the tools, expertise and manpower to overcome disasters.

Sebert Landscaping is overcoming a disaster of its own. Check out the story here. What a wonderful example of a truly great Green Industry company stepping up for its clients in the face of its own adversity.