The No. 1 Reason Consumers Hate Their Landscaping Provider

I'll give you a hint: It has nothing to do with how much you charge or how crooked your mowing stripes are.

Landscape and lawn care contractors go to painstaking lengths to make customers happy; at least the real Green Industry Pros do. Much of their focus is on their craft, be it lawn maintenance or lawn care, design/build, hardscaping, etc. Some earn certifications such as PLANET’s various Landscape Industry Certified designations. There is no doubt that many landscape contractors are brilliant at their craft.

But that’s not enough. You are in the business of landscape contracting. “Most” of you are good at landscape contracting. Where you can make a difference and create some competitive separation is in the way of client communication and customer service.

We’re featuring Dallas-area Sunset Landscape Services in our March/April issue. They are a great family company that specializes in commercial maintenance and installation services. When interviewing them, I was struck by a comment from Carlos Fulton, Sunset's director of sales. Carolos said he picked up on one thing soon after joining Sunset and entering the “landscaping services” industry.

When clients grow unhappy with their landscape service provider, it’s because of an overall lack of communication—along with a reactive approach to problem solving.

Clients like when their contractor talks to them, keeping them up to speed and helping to educate them. They like when their contractor comes to them with new ideas, insights into looming problems, etc.

So think about when and how you’re communicating with clients. Provided that you’re not one of the 20% of landscape contractors who is inferior when it comes to your craft, communication will come in real handy.

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