Don't Reserve Sales for Small Business Saturday

Hook customers on Small Business Saturday to see them year round.

Small Business Saturday is coming up. After clawing past each other at the Big Box stores on Black Friday to get to the best deal first, shoppers are encouraged to support small independent businesses with their dollars on Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday offers dealers an opportunity to market their businesses to new consumers and show appreciation to loyal customers.

I will say that small businesses offer quality products and services year round, and don’t need a gimmick to sell them. But some customers just go for a gimmick, and you should use it to your advantage. After the hectic chaos of Black Friday is the perfect time to show customers why shopping with the local independent dealer is choosing a partner who cares for them and their equipment on an individual basis. And once you have sold them on the personalized service you provide, let them know they are completely free to enjoy the perks of dealing with a small business any day of the week, any time of the year.