ARI’s PartStream Enhances the Shopping Experience for Dealers’ Customers

ARI's PartStream makes the right part information available immediately and in an easy-to-use format.

ARI, provider of technology-enabled services that help dealers, distributors and manufacturers in selected vertical markets increase revenue and reduce costs, is introducing its new, consumer-friendly lookup and online ordering system – PartStream.

Based on ARI’s proven PartSmart product and more than 30 years of experience providing content, PartStream makes the right part information available immediately and in an easy-to-use format. PartStream instantly adds seamless eCommerce-enabled OEM parts lookup to any website.

“Ordering the right part online can be a daunting task, even for the most technology-savvy consumer,” says Nate Horsfall, Web Manager at Sohar's All Season Mower Service, Macedonia, OH. “With PartStream, our online customers and prospects can identify the right part using a quick search tool, intuitive illustrations and parts listings – all within our website.”

PartStream improves parts lookup efficiencies, with end goal being to turn more visitors into buyers and enhancing customer satisfaction and retention to increase sales and profits. “PartStream gives our customers immediate access to accurate OEM parts data and diagrams for the most popular brands, including part update history,” says Horsfall.

PartStream ensures consistent, automatic OEM parts updates. “It is a user-friendly product both to our customers and to us, the dealer,” says Horsfall. “ARI regularly adds new diagrams and makes changes with no work necessary on our end.”

Customers can add parts to a shopping cart directly from the diagram hotspots by simply hovering over a part. They can also add a part from the part search results. “PartStream’s enhanced drop-down structure enables visitors to quickly distinguish between category elements and assembly diagrams, using icons displayed within the selection menus,” says Brad Smith, Product Manager at ARI.

In addition, parts numbers, descriptions and brands are automatically indexed for search engine optimization, making it easy for qualified buyers to find and purchase parts on ARI dealer clients’ websites.

Frequently used searches are cached to increase the speed and responsiveness of PartStream. All viewed diagrams are also cached to decrease load times of parts diagrams. “PartStream includes unique URLs for every search and diagram view to support direct linking to assemblies and models,” adds Smith.

PartStream is fully customizable. “We can tailor the appearance of the application to match our website and branding image in support of our online marketing efforts,” says Horsfall.