Cape Cod Contractor Exceeds Customer Expectations

Maffei Landscape Contractors in Cape Cod hosted a Face to Face Tour in August to examine its mission statement of exceeding customer expectations.

Maffei Landscape Contractors opened its doors August 13 to provide tours, education and thought-provoking ideas to Green Industry professionals who came to participate in A Better Way’s 2010 Face to Face tour. This event, in Cape Cod, MA, was an energizing experience for the companies in attendance, and it motivated the contractors to take action to grow their own companies.

The 60 landscape professionals who participated in the Face to Face event were inspired by the passion exhibited by Maffei’s team. As they traveled to each department of the company, the participants had conversations with Maffei employees who were fulfilled by their work.

At each station, the Maffei team members talked with pride about the company’s processes and systems. They appreciated that their processes allow Maffei Landscape to fulfill its mission statement, “to consistently exceed each customer’s expectations while setting the industry standard for quality craftsmanship and professionalism.”

Each department knew how their actions accomplished this statement.

Sales: The sales representatives told Face to Face participants that they set the customers’ expectations with each project by providing a detailed contract with specific dates of when the steps will be completed. This open communication gives clarity to the customer, and it allows the Maffei sales team the opportunity to rise above set expectations. After the sales presentation, Face to Face participants talked about how they could facilitate more open communication with customers and developed action plans to improve this part of their businesses.

Production: Project managers focused on tracking each job to determine if the job lost or made money for the week so they could discuss their work in weekly meetings. This scorekeeping system allows the Maffei team to make sure they are on target for the project, and they know on a weekly basis if they are satisfying the customers’ needs. Learning about this detailed tracking system motivated the Face to Face participants to consider the items they tracked and discuss with peers at their tables what items could be better tracked, including spending on supplies and employees’ downtime.

Personnel: Representatives from the Human Resources department explained that they list the expectations of each employee during the hiring process and then review the team member at the 6- and 12-month marks based on that criteria. Bob Maffei, the company’s owner, explained that these standards keep everyone on the same page and allow him to fulfill his mission statement within the company.

“I want to be exceeding the expectations of everyone who works here. I want them going home and saying ‘I really love what I’m doing,’” Bob said.

This discussion encouraged Face to Face participants to discuss how their hiring practices could more clearly define expectations so the employee is a better fit for the company.

A Better Way has three more stops on the 2010 Face to Face tour, and the A Better Way Community is looking forward to the lessons that will be learned and the connections that will be made at the future events. The next three events will be Sept. 2 at Heaviland Enterprises in San Diego, California, Sept. 8 at Mariani Landscape in Chicago, Illinois, and Sept. 15 at Greenscape Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information on these events, please visit Face to Face Tour.