Kawasaki Selects Baxter Planning Systems Software

The advanced planning software from Baxter Planning Systems will optimize inventory and parts availability through the Kawasaki transition to new warehousing and distribution approach.

The Engines & Power Products Division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., which recently announced a distributor and dealer service-oriented change to its warehousing and distribution system, has indicated it will be relying on software from Baxter Planning Systems, Inc. to help manage the new process.

The software—Prophet by Baxter—is a software-as-a-service solution to support Kawasaki’s parts, power products and engine distribution business.

Kawasaki will use Prophet to forecast inventory purchases, determine warehouse stocking levels and initiate inventory replenishment and re-balancing of inventory between stocking locations. The Baxter system will also automate the planning for Kawasaki’s large OEM and distributor customers by aggregating common part orders and facilitating drop-ship orders direct to suppliers.

The implementation of this new software service coincides with Kawasaki’s announcement that the company has engaged UPS to warehouse and ship all of its parts, power products and engines. This approach, intended to accelerate the process of moving items through the system and ultimately delivering them more quickly to distributors and dealers, is being initiated this month.

“As we continue our sales growth, we’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our service levels to OEMs, distributors and dealers,” said Rodger Howe, Kawasaki’s Director of Operations.