WORX Users Focus on the Environment

WORX users focus on the environment with the use of electric equipment and organic materials.

Two environmental friendly landscape companies, separated by more than 2,300 miles, share solidarity in promoting clean air and a healthy environment. When their landscape trucks and trailers unload, you won’t see gas-powered mowers, trimmers or blowers, nor will you find toxic fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Their equipment is A/C powered electric or cordless and their soil, shrub and tree treatments are all organic and all natural.

Nick Militello and his father Tim of Eco Green Lawn & Tree Co. in Las Vegas, NV, and Mik and Jodi Beetham of Green Energy Lawn Care in Chapel Hill, NC, represent a new wave of green companies in the lawn care service industry.

After being baked by the sun for 23 years, Nick and Tim Militello decided to put the sun’s energy to work in their eco friendly lawn care service.

Homeowners can’t miss their trailer. Topside are two solar panels that capture the sun’s energy as DC power, which is converted to AC. Power strips line the inside of the trailer to charge battery packs. All of their yard care equipment is cordless. They use a WORX GT Lithium-ion Trimmer/Edger, WORX 36-volt Lawn Mower, Blower Vac and WORX Hedge Trimmer to handle day-to-day yard chores.

“We care about the environment and we want to spread the word about how harmful gas powered lawn equipment can be for the air,” said the Militellos.

Mik and Jodi Beetham were New York City residents and long time stewards of the environment before starting their Green Energy Lawn Care business more than a year ago. Their business is emission free. They use electric and battery powered equipment that’s recharged by solar powered generators attached to their trucks. A WORX 36-volt Lawn Mower is one of their chosen grass cutters.

By using only organic and natural products, all their services are safe for children, pets and ground water. They are completely herbicide and pesticide free.

To learn more about Eco Green Lawn & Tree Co, and Green Energy Lawn Care, visit their Websites at www.ecogreenlawnandtree.com and www.GreenEnergyLawnCare.com.