Atlanta Event Shows Companies How to Reach the Next Level

The A Better Way Face to Face Tour from JP Horizons took a stop at HighGrove Partners in Atlanta.

HighGrove Partners in Atlanta recently played host to the second Face to Face event on this year’s A Better Way tour. HighGrove is famous for their willingness to open the doors of their business for the betterment of the industry. As always, they did not disappoint as six members of their team presented on six key areas of their business. The great thing about the event is that not only were the attendees exposed to the great practices in place at HighGrove, these attendees were also able to provide insight into how their host could take HighGrove to an even higher level. Here are some of the highlights:


Focus hard on client relationships so you are not viewed as a commodity.

If communication is not seamless between Customer Relations Managers and Operations Managers, the experience will not be seamless for the client.

Fleet and Shop

Complete preventive maintenance during off hours to reduce downtime and production delays.

Utilize “second shift” employees to assist with basic shop operations and simple equipment maintenance.

Client Management

Bring your clients to your facility to gain feedback and provide more education on what you provide.

There is an opportunity to take on more of the role of educator with your clients.

Marketing and PR

Conduct regular focus groups with employees as well as clients to gain a perspective on your brand.

You do not need to manage a Facebook page to benefit from social networking. Just send your clients beautiful photos of their property that have your logo in the corner and ask that they post them on their social media pages.


Leverage your field trainer to take field training to an even higher level.

Even with a safety program in place, you need to work to make sure it becomes part of the culture.

An Owner’s Perspective

Find a time-effective method to regularly educate all employees on the numbers.

Create a mid-manager dashboard to help evaluate their performance.

For information on Face to Face events, visit Face to Face Tour.