John Deere Hails Woody Biomass

John Deere Hails Woody Biomass

John Deere Construction & Forestry has launched a website designed to educate and inform about the importance of harvesting woody biomass.

The user-friendly website explains what woody biomass is, why harvesting it is important, how it works as a fuel and what types of innovative public policies are needed to encourage responsible harvesting and the use of woody biomass.

"Woody biomass harvesting can provide a significant source of renewable energy, promote forest stewardship and generate economic recovery for the country's forestry communities," said John Deere Marketing Manager Andrew Bonde. "We launched this website to explain just how it works."

In three short, informative videos available on the website, experts—from scientists to state senators—provide insight to help educate the interested public, loggers and other industry members, policymakers and the press. The videos include:

- "Harvesting a Cleaner Environment," which shares how woody biomass can be processed into liquid fuel

- "Healthier Forests," which discusses how uncollected forest floor residue can be an accelerant in forest fires

- "Stronger Rural Communities," a review of how harvesting woody biomass helps provide out-of-work loggers with a new revenue stream and revitalize rural communities.

The website's "Making It Reality" section gives visitors the opportunity to fill out a simple form that sends an automated letter, which encourages inclusion of woody biomass in the new renewable energy standards, to their legislators in Washington, DC.

To learn more, visit Woody Biomass.