More Distributors Offering Spread it & Forget it Fertilizer

Spread it & Forget it controlled-release fertilizer for landscape and lawn care professionals feeds turf all season long with just one application.

Agrium Advanced Technologies announces that four new distributors carry its Spread it & Forget it controlled-release fertilizer products. Spread it & Forget it is now available at Horizon Distributors, Howard Fertilizer, ProAp and Target Specialty Products, in addition to Agrium Advanced Technologies Distribution outlets, where Spread it & Forget it is available in more than 20 locations.

“We are seeking top distributors in the lawn and landscape industry to carry Spread it & Forget it,” said Andrew Mittag, president, Agrium Advanced Technologies. “Offering Spread it & Forget it through these distributors gives more turf professionals easier access to the Spread it & Forget it line of products. Their customers can now spread fertilizer once, instead of multiple times, so they save time and money and can do more with less.”

Spread it & Forget it products are DRIVEN BY DURATION CR controlled-release fertilizer technology to ensure steady nutrient release. The advanced-generation polymer coatings gradually release nutrients as plants need them, which protect the environment against nitrogen loss and enable up to 40 percent less total nitrogen to be applied per year. A single, long-lasting application of Spread it & Forget it is also more environmentally friendly. By releasing nutrients steadily over time, Spread it & Forget it minimizes potential nutrient losses to the environment, atmosphere and groundwater.

Each Spread it & Forget it blend is formulated with 90 percent or more of its nitrogen from DURATION CR and up to 10 percent from a quickly available nitrogen source for immediate greening. Spread it & Forget it products are available with and without pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass control for added convenience and efficiency.

Spread it & Forget it is now available through these distributors:

  • Horizon Distributors
  • Target Specialty Products
  • Frick Services Pro Ap Products division

“We’ve seen great success introducing Spread it & Forget it at Agrium Advanced Technologies’ distribution centers and we’re excited to see other distributors sign on to offer it to their customers,” explained Mittag. “Because of the tremendous labor savings that Spread it & Forget it offers customers, it’s natural that other distributors would want to carry this product.”

To locate a Spread it & Forget it distributor, please visit the Distributor Locator.

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