Dealers Share Their Greatest Challenges in 2011

A list of the top 10 challenges dealers say are getting in the way of their success.

Yard & Garden readers have shared what hurdles they are continuously battling to overcome on their journey to success. The challenges below from 2011 are listed in no particular order. Read an updated list of 2012 challenges here.

1. Manufacturers who continue to sell through big box stores and direct to large-scale end-users.

2. Price discounting from competition in the form of other dealers, online retailers, and big box stores.

3. Finding qualified and motivated technicians and other staff willing to work for the wages offered.

4. Maintaining a good profit on wholegoods.

5. Forecasting customer demand to keep inventories and service capabilities in line with customer needs and expectations.

6. Deteriorating quality of equipment from reputable manufactures and poorly constructed equipment from newcomers to the industry.

7. New and ever-changing government regulations on fuel and emissions.

8. Educating the consumer on the value of dealing with an independent dealer vs. a big box store

9. Increasing freight costs and overall operating costs.

10. Delivery time for equipment and parts inventory.

Watch for solutions to some of these challenges in the next Dealer Success Guide.