How To Make Your Company Recession-Proof

The key to sound financial planning is "consistency," especially during times of economic uncertainty. Three tools successful business owners have learned to use are a business plan, information system, and attentiveness to the marketplace.

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Given the current state of business, now is not the time to ask yourself, "How should I handle my company's finances?" Rather, you should be asking yourself, "How can I arrange my company's finances so I don't have to jump through hoops every time a crisis emerges?"

The long-term key for accumulating wealth in the Green Industry is consistency. We're talking about a stable environment with little to no variation. Variation requires you to assume some undue risk. Some risk can reap huge rewards, but it can also have an ugly downside. Most landscaping businesses do not have a capital structure that allows it to take big chances.

How do you accomplish consistency, particularly during a period of an economic roller coaster? There are three primary tools of effective business management which, if mastered, can provide the necessary stability and purpose to navigate these times:

  • Business Plan
  • Information System
  • Attentiveness to Your Marketplace

We'll be digging deep to explain how to effectively utilize these tools in future installments of A Better Way 2 Learn right here at