Cub Cadet Brings EFI Technology to Lawn Tractors

In an announcement at GIE+EXPO 2015, Cub Cadet said that its new line of tractors will reduce emissions and fuel consumption, all without sacrificing performance power.

Automotive engine technology will be crossing over to the lawn tractor segment for the first time. Cub Cadet announced at GIE+EXPO in Louisville, KY, that it is the first manufacturer to offer a fuel-injected lawn tractor within in its line of XT Enduro Series lawn and garden tractors.

“Electronic fuel injection (EFI) gives you reliable performance and power with significant fuel efficiency—which is why it’s been used in the automotive industry for decades,” said Emily Sword, Cub Cadet director of brand marketing. “Professional landscapers have enjoyed the advantages of EFI on commercial equipment, but it has never been available for homeowners—until now. With the introduction of a fuel-injected model of the XT Enduro Series, now the tractor in your garage will have the same engine advantages as the car parked next to it.”

Starting in 2016, the new Cub Cadet 547cc EFI engine will be available on the XT2 LX42 EFI Cub Cadet lawn tractors, part of the latest line of XT Enduro Series that Cub Cadet says sets new standards in strength and comfort.

Cub Cadet’s new EFI engine reduces emissions and delivers excellent fuel consumption, using up to 25 percent less fuel than carbureted engines.

According to Cub Cadet, the new technology also results in lower maintenance costs as less oil changes are required. It accepts gasoline-ethanol blends up to E20 and there’s no need to drain the fuel tank to prepare the lawn tractor for off-season storage. Additionally, the XT2 LX42 EFI features a dependable and convenient Push Button Start feature. This makes the tractor easy to start in all weather conditions with just the push of one button—no need to for a choke.

Cub Cadet says that it also backs it up with the strongest warranty in the industry—unlimited hours with 5-year chassis/front axle and 3 year powertrain.

The EFI engines are built with same level of strength and performance expected from Cub Cadet. Each engine used on Cub Cadet products must pass a rigorous certification process to assure it is built to the Cub Cadet Standard of strength, high performance and premium quality to earn the recognition as a Cub Cadet Certified Engine.  

“This is yet another example of Cub Cadet’s commitment to bringing meaningful innovations to lawn care,” said Sword. “From the Cub Connect Mobile Maintenance App that connects a smartphone to an XT Series lawn tractor and RZT zero turn via Bluetooth, to unveiling the RTZ S ZERO, the world’s first fully-electric zero-turn riding mower with steering wheel control and four-wheel steering technology, Cub Cadet continues to change the game for the industry.”

The new fuel-injected XT2 LX 42 Enduro Series Cub Cadet lawn tractors (MSRP $1,799.99) will be available in Spring 2016 exclusively at Cub Cadet Independent Dealers.