Toolkit to Help Promote Landscaping Now Available

NALP offering free suite of materials promoting the value of healthy lawns and landscapes to all industry professionals.

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The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) has developed a new suite of materials, called the Root of Happiness, to help promote the value of healthy lawns and landscapes—and the pros who take care of them. These materials are available to any landscaping industry professional, not just NALP members. “We really want landscape and lawn care companies to share them far and wide,” said Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for NALP.

The messaging was created by a cross section of landscape/lawn care experts and technical advisors, and is based on years of research from both NALP and its partners such as RISE (from consumer focus groups), along with other sources. “We have distilled down the best messages, facts and figures to make the case for the benefits of professionally managed landscapes,” Henriksen said.

Materials you can download

The following items can be downloaded from the NALP website:

Guide to Myths and Misperceptions about Landscapes – This useful resource helps readers separate fact from fiction about the industry. Topics covered include the importance of managed landscapes, why weeds are harmful, the truth about pesticides, and more.

Benefits of Healthy Landscapes –This one-page fact sheet addresses the health and environmental benefits of managed landscapes, noting the importance such spaces offer for families, communities, and the environment.

Benefits of Healthy Lawns and Landscapes Infographic – Because pictures often tell a story better than words can, we’ve created an infographic that can be easily shared.

Benefits of Healthy Landscapes Video – This short video is another tool to help tell the industry’s story. It addresses the role healthy landscapes play in society.