Is 'Good' Good Enough Anymore?

Gregg Wartgow's editor column for the September/October 2016 edition of Green Industry Pros

I was chatting with Steven Cohen of GreenMark Consulting Group about a guest post he put on our website recently ( Steven looks at a question most business owners want to know the answer to: How can a good company become great? A lot has to happen, obviously, as Steven discusses. I think the biggest thing has to do with problem-fixing.

GOOD companies are proficient in product or service delivery. They have really good employees and treat them well. Good companies are professional, have good reputations and provide really good customer service. I often hear contractors say something to the effect of, "We never say 'no' and will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy." When a customer has a problem, the company fixes it lickety-split. Good companies are great at fixing problems.

GREAT companies are also proficient at identifying and neutralizing the causes of problems. They figure out why something went wrong, and work with staff to develop processes and/or policies to help prevent it from going wrong again—at least to the degree that it does not adversely impact the customer.

Adopting this kind of owner's mindset is not easy. It requires you to carve out time in your hectic day to think, plan and implement. It's not for everyone, which is why some companies simply are not destined to become "great". But maybe being "good" is great in your eyes. That's OK too! However, if you want to become a great company—one that spends less time and energy on fixing problems and more time and energy on growing sales—you must adopt this mindset.

Consultants like Steven Cohen can help. You should also consider attending the GIE+EXPO and Landscapes educational conference in Louisville, KY, October 19-21. Check out our sneak previews for a look at what you will be missing—like cool new products, great business seminars and countless networking opportunities—if you don't attend.

Speaking of GIE+EXPO, show officials tell me another record-breaking year is shaping up. More than 230 new exhibitors will be at the show, resulting in an expected 17% increase in indoor exhibit space. The popular 19-acre outdoor demo area has been expanded to 20. Several sports turf educational sessions have been added. The show keeps getting bigger, better and more diverse. Pretty amazing when you think about how, by some accounts, the GIE+EXPO was on the verge of getting TKO'd six or seven years ago.

Show planners seem to have figured out how to make a good show great. Think about heading to Louisville in a couple of weeks to attend the show yourself. You just must find that new product, idea or solution that will inspire you to do the same for your company.