Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Rent Equipment

DOZR CEO and co-founder reveals the benefits of peer-to-peer equipment sharing for contractors.

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One of the biggest expenses for contractors is the cost of buying and renting the equipment needed to complete a job quickly and efficiently. To help reduce your equipment costs and find machines that are best suited for the job, Green Industry Pros (GIP) spoke with Kevin Forestell, CEO and co-founder of DOZR.

GIP: What is peer-to-peer (P2P) equipment sharing and how does it benefit contractors?

Forestell: P2P equipment sharing connects contractors that need to rent equipment with others that own the machines they need. Equipment owners can set their own prices for daily, weekly and monthly rentals to generate extra revenue when their equipment is sitting idle. Renters often find lower prices than what they’d pay at a traditional rental business. DOZR also has unique insurance that covers equipment owners’ machines. Additionally, we talk with renters to verify that they’re getting the right equipment for their work.

GIP: How does P2P differ from traditional rentals?

Forestell: Traditional rental businesses can only own so much equipment, so they stock their yards with pieces that are more in demand. DOZR connects contractors with equipment owners from anywhere, so it’s easier to find the equipment needed at a competitive price. You can also find more specialty equipment on DOZR. For example, snow removal businesses can find a better selection of larger, more powerful tractors and wheel loaders perfect for pushing snow.

GIP: Why is this good for snow removal businesses, specifically?

Forestell: It’s easy to quickly expand operations renting equipment through DOZR. We can deliver on the same day if a renter and lender are in the same state. If we’re shipping from Canada to the U.S., we can get you your equipment in 72 hours. We handle the logistics to make it simple for the renter and lender. This makes equipment planning easier for businesses renting equipment on DOZR, which gives them confidence to take on more contracts. Lower rental rates also help contractors keep more profit from their work and afford larger equipment to help them clear snow faster.

GIP: What about contractors who don’t do snow removal work or own equipment that isn’t used for snow removal? Can they benefit?

Forestell: Yes, using DOZR is a great way to get idle equipment moving in the winter. Contractors can rent their equipment to northern businesses for snow removal work or rent machines to contractors in southern regions unaffected by snow.

GIP: How can snow removal experts start using P2P? Is there anything they should know?

Forestell: You can browse equipment on DOZR.com, and can sign up to book a rental with your email address or through social media accounts. Then we contact you to verify that you’re getting the right equipment for your work. For others interested in renting out their equipment to earn some extra money in the winter, the verification process is extra assurance that their equipment is in good hands and, if anything were to happen, our insurance covers the rented equipment.

GIP: Can you share any examples of the way your team works with customers?

Forestell: We’re very focused on customer service. We can help find specialty pieces or better prices on equipment that’s further away. We once helped a contractor in the northeastern U.S. save money on equipment rentals and get agricultural tractors for winter snow removal, which helped him do better work. We’re also helping contractors, who rent equipment on DOZR, get machines outfitted for snow removal, so they don’t need to own or go looking for a plow. The DOZR team is always happy to take a call and help customers find the best equipment for their needs at the best price.