Who Wins on Dealer Day?

The 2012 GIE+EXPO will offer new opportunities for dealers and manufacturers.

New details have been given regarding the changed format for the 2012 GIE+EXPO. The new format will offer an exclusive day for dealers, retailers and distributors to meet one-on-one with exhibitors to preview products and talk agreements and pricing. It is understood that this was done to attract more dealers to the show.

In addition, exhibitors are being given incentives for hosting their dealer meetings at the convention center on the days leading up to the show. Meeting rooms will be available to exhibitors Monday through Wednesday, leading up to the show opening on Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

I think for dealers this could be a great opportunity. Ideally, dealers could then get a chunk of their travel for the year all out of the way in the same trip. That means less paid for in the cost of travel and less time away from the dealership. A few dealer meetings before the show starts followed by a few days to learn about other opportunities and products sounds like a beneficial trip for dealers.

But the question is, how many manufacturers will actually consider this new format? Many manufacturers have done the same thing year after year for their dealer meetings. Some may fear that this setup wouldn’t allow them that quality face time with their dealers. They may not want to have to share the attention of their dealers with other manufacturers hosting meetings.

Would you want manufacturers to host their dealer meetings on the days leading up to the show? Will you attend either way?

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