Pro-Mow Lawn Care Joins LandOpt Contractor Network

Pro-Mow Lawn Care in Charleston, IL, has joined the LandOpt Contactor Network, acquiring exclusive LandOpt license rights for this territory.

Pro-Mow Lawn Care in Charleston, IL, has joined the LandOpt Contactor Network, acquiring exclusive LandOpt license rights for this territory. Pro-Mow joins Cut Above Landscaping in Westmont as the second Network contractor in the state. 

As a full-service lawn and landscape maintenance company that has served the Charleston community and central Illinois since 1999, Pro-Mow has a customer retention rate of greater than 90%. Owner Scott Bierman believes that a growing company and an evolving industry will require better internal structure and disciplined practices on the part of his team to maintain that level of success. He hopes the LandOpt affiliation will help them to achieve these improvements. He uses this past season as an example.

“We were super busy,” Bierman noted. “But that made things tough internally. Not having sufficient systems and processes in place took a toll on our crews. By better defining our internal structure through our affiliation with LandOpt, my hope is that the day-to-day operations of the crews will be smoother and everyone within the business will be in a better position to anticipate and proactively address business challenges and changes.”

Bierman also finds himself frequently juggling the roles of business owner and family man, noting that it is sometimes a struggle to find the balance that allows him to be home with his young children. While this is a common challenge for owners in the green industry, he is quick to recognize that this balance is not unattainable with the right management team practices in place. 

“My goal is to create a management team in which everyone is empowered to make day-to-day decisions that will allow the business to run efficiently without my direct involvement. The LandOpt System can help me realize that goal,” Bierman said. “With less demands on my time, not only will I be able to spend more time with my family, but I’ll also have the chance to interact with customers more regularly simply because I want to and not because I need to in order to resolve an issue.” 

LandOpt Success Coaches have already been on-site with the entire Pro-Mow team for a kickoff meeting, and the Transformation Process is well under way. Because he is joining the LandOpt Contractor Network in Q4, Bierman will have the opportunity to participate in the Network’s Financial Planning Process. That process includes attending the week-long training event in Pittsburgh during which the entire Contractor Network comes together to create their 2015 plans. 

“Certainly Scott has joined us at an advantageous time,” noted Tim Smith, LandOpt president and CEO. “While his will be a modified plan due to his limited exposure to our tools and processes, he will still have the benefit of interacting with other contractors in our Network and experiencing LandOpt’s Financial Planning week first-hand. The Pro-Mow team will enter 2015 well-poised to make measurable changes within their business in order to achieve the internal structure and success that they desire. They are an ideal fit for our Network and we are eager to help them make progress toward achieving their growth and success goals.”