SA250 Sidewalk Drop Spreader

The Ventrac SA250 Sidewalk Drop Spreader

Ventrac Introducing New Sidewalk Drop Spreader
Ventrac Introducing New Sidewalk Drop Spreader
Ventrac 10156041

With a narrow frame and 40-inch drop pattern, Ventrac says its patent-pending Sidewalk Drop Spreader is ideal for spreading material on narrow walkways. Plus, its stainless steel construction prevents premature failure due to rust and corrosion, while an innovative compression roller system allows operators to accurately spread both coarse and free-flowing materials.

The Sidewalk Drop Spreader can be mounted on all Ventrac tractor models. Also, unique to this products’ design is the ability to be universally mounted to other power unit platforms. With mounting options for a 2-inch receiver hitch or a category one three-point hitch, the Drop Spreader can be easily attached to other sub-compact tractors, ATVs or UTVs.

Other key features include:

  • Easy gate adjustment allows for fine tuning flow rates based on the type of material being spread and the desired quantity being applied
  • Wireless remote control regulates five motor speeds for quick flow adjustments from the operator seat
  • Agitation system prevents material bridging and eliminates the need for a traditional, noisy vibration motor
  • Optional high-capacity extensions
  • 12V electric drive/transmission
  • While applying deicing material, a Ventrac Snow Blower or V-Blade can be mounted on the front of the tractor for more efficient snow and ice management
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