200 Series and 755i Loaders - Introduced GIE+EXPO 2016

Avant’s new 200 Series and 755i loaders appeal to landscapers, land owners and green-minded operators alike.

Jukka Lyly-Yrjanainen, president of Avant Tecno USA, on the new 225 loader.
Jukka Lyly-Yrjanainen, president of Avant Tecno USA, on the new 225 loader.
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For the fifth consecutive year, Avant Tecno USA returns to Louisville’s annual GIE+EXPO with an expanded line of machines and attachments, a larger infrastructure, broader dealer networks, a stronger position in the marketplace, and larger indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces.

In addition to showcasing Avant’s 400, 500, 600 and 700 Series models with now over 150 attachments available, Avant introduces its new 200 Series line and the 755i. The 200 Series and the 755i/760i models feature Kohler engines. Avant Tecno and Kohler Engines worked in close collaboration to develop engine solutions that deliver benefits for both end-users and the environment.

The Avant 200 Series multi-purpose loaders are ideal for homeowners as well as property maintenance, ground care and landscaping professionals working on projects where space is limited and a lightweight machine is necessary. This new series consists of three models. Avant 220 is equipped with a 20-hp gasoline engine and is a real multi-tasking machine for homeowners. When more power is needed, an ideal machine is the Avant 225 with new 25-hp Kohler EFI gasoline engine and auxiliary hydraulics oil flow as high as 11.1 gpm. The Avant 225 LPG is equipped with a low-emission LPG engine and is suited for multiple indoor operations such as refurbishing and demolition jobs where low machine weight is essential.

The 755i/760i machines are the greenest in the Avant line. Both are engineered to deliver maximum power and torque with outstanding fuel economy and low emissions. The Kohler KDI engines meet the Tier 4 Final emissions regulations without the use of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The result is high power performance and increased efficiency with quiet, smooth operation. The Avant 755i/760i are turbocharged with 57-hp Kohler KDI Tier 4 diesel engines. The Avant 755i offers single speed drive, max 10.5 mph. Avant 760i offers dual speed drive, max 19 mph.

The Kohler EFI gas engines, which power the new 200 Series loaders, utilize Kohler’s closed-loop system. An oxygen sensor in the engine’s muffler continuously monitors the air/fuel mixture and – if the mixture strays from the ideal level – the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system. In addition to delivering optimal fuel efficiency and turn-key starting, this technology also provides improved power and enhanced reliability.

The Kohler KDI diesel engines integrated into the new 755i/760i models achieve Tier 4 Final emission compliance without a DPF due to a number of innovative design features, including Kohler’s direct injection system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxygenated catalyst (DOC).

Avant’s five series of models offer the same compact, articulated, multi-purpose solutions for many types of projects during the seasons. These versatile machines have multiple cab options, provide excellent lift to weight ratio, offer low operating and maintenance costs and are turf-friendly for projects in Landscaping, Tree Removal, Snow Removal, Municipalities, Nurseries, Farming, and Demolition/Construction.

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