TruGreen Introduces Sprinkler System Repair And Maintenance Services

TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance launched in select cities and will be available nationwide in 2016.

TruGreen is expanding its offerings with the launch of a new irrigation system maintenance and repair business. TruGreen says that its Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance will bring TruGreen’s decades of lawn care expertise to services such as repairs, system openings and winterization. Currently available in select cities in Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas and Tennessee, TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance will be launching in more than a dozen markets in 2016.

“At TruGreen, we are always looking for ways to enhance our services and provide even greater value to our customers. Expanding into irrigation system maintenance and repair is a natural fit for us, and brings customers an added level of convenience and efficiency,” said TruGreen vice president Brent Armstrong. “TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance is not only a perfect complement to our core business, enabling us to grow and expand, it also underscores our core purpose of helping customers Live Life Outside on beautiful, healthy lawns.”

TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance service will include a number of different options:

  • Sprinkler head repair and adjustment
  • Sprinkler leak repair
  • Timer box adjustment
  • Rain sensor testing and repair
  • Zone adjustments
  • System renovations and updates
  • Backflow testing

Proper watering is an essential component to keeping a healthy lawn, however, TruGreen says that an all to common mistake that many homeowners make is watering too much and too often. The company says that well-planned watering system can help avoid this problem, saving not only homeowner’s lawns and landscapes—but also saving water as well. TruGreen says that they train their Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance specialists in the latest irrigation technologies and processes, so they can help protect lawns by ensuring a properly watered landscape.

Understanding how much water plants need, and periodically monitoring and maintaining irrigation systems are the keys to saving both water and money. To support healthy lawns the TruGreen Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance team provided a five watering tips:

  1. Established lawns should be watered deeply and infrequently
  2. Lawns typically require one to one and a half inches of water per week for optimal growth and appearance. An empty tuna can can be placed in the watering pattern to measure this amount.
  3. The best time to water is in the morning and in non-windy conditions. This conserves water and allows grass to dry before evening. Grass that remains wet for long periods of time is more susceptible to disease development.
  4. A lawn needs water when the turfgrass changes from bright green to dull gray
  5. Another sure sign for homeowners to water their lawns is when turfgrass wilting is evident (footprints remain in the grass, mower lines are evident). Local water ordinances should be checked to ensure recent watering guidelines are met.