Top 10 Irrigation, Lighting and Landscape Trends

Take a look at the top trends hitting the irrigation, lighting and landscape worlds.

Water features add a relaxing element to an outdoor space.
Water features add a relaxing element to an outdoor space.

Trends change all the time. However, knowing about current trends will make your spaces more appealing. Check out these top 10 irrigation, lighting and landscape trends for ideas on what to incorporate into your company.

1. Responsive irrigation

Many commercial landscapers have been incorporating sensitive rain sensors that adapt to weather conditions and only provide irrigation when absolutely necessary. These systems help conserve water and energy, and they avoid saturating and overwetting plants.

2. Drought-tolerant plants

Responsible water use has become increasingly important, so incorporating drought-resistant plants like jasmine and rosemary has become popular, as have succulents and other water-saving plants.

3. Native plants

Using native plants helps lower maintenance costs and increase water conservation. Plants like this already naturally thrive in your area, which means less work, and they can help attract birds, butterflies and other creatures that add to the environment of the outdoor space.

4. Energy efficiency

Commercial landscaping now utilizes more fuel-efficient equipment and accessories, such as using solar lights versus electric ones. More commercial landscape architects are also utilizing green methods to create a superb outdoor space.

5. Functional spaces

During COVID-19, being outside is a safe way to hang out together. Having a functional outdoor space makes it more comfortable.

6. Distinctive designs

More buildings are incorporating open designs with contrasting colors and unique stylistic features. Color has become increasingly popular in commercial landscaping, incorporating pops of vibrant hues where before there would have just been brick or stone. Concrete for spaces between parking lots and stores is now often mixed with unusual colors, such as blue or yellow, instead of a dull gray.

7. Green roofs

 Green roofs are partially or completely covered with plant life, many of which can be harvested for added benefit. These roofs absorb water and regulate heat loss and energy consumption from the building as well.

8. Placemaking

 Placemaking involves the creation of a comfortable, appealing space with fountains, sculptures, seating, and a relaxing ambience in a space. It is about the creation of a space where people would like to gather.

9. Water features

Water features are a popular aspects of landscape design as they make for a beautiful, relaxing space.

10. Melding indoor and outdoor spaces

Bringing the outside in with new planters, large windows, or French doors or bringing the inside out with covered gazebos or cushioned chairs is a great way to add to your space.