Texas Students Create Socially Smart Irrigation System

Hydrologicai is an irrigation system that uses artificial intelligence to measure soil moisture and correct the amount of water used.

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When you think of water conservation, irrigation systems and artificial intelligence, the first image that comes to mind is most likely not that of a budding business run by 10- and 11-year-old students.

Yet, that's exactly what Hydrologicai is—a water irrigation system that uses artificial intelligence to measure the soil moisture of a homeowner's lawn and intends to correct the amount of water used to save money.

The system is run by a team of fifth and sixth graders called Hurricane Hydro from the Mitchell Intermediate School in The Woodlands, Texas, who, as part of the robotics program at the school, designed and built a Lego robot for an annual First Lego League Robotics competition. The theme this year was hydro dynamics.

Donning light blue shirts that read, "Stand Clear: Hurricane Hydro, Category Awesome," the students presented their patent-pending project to the San Jacinto River Authority Board of Directors during their regularly scheduled meeting December 14 in Conroe. After the presentation, the board congratulated the team.

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