SiteOne Offcers Contractors Discount for Recycling Old Controllers

During May and June, contractors can receive a discount on new Smart Controllers, while recycling old controllers.

Controller Image

SiteOne Landscape Supply is launching a program designed to save money and the environment ahead of Smart Irrigation Month. With the new “Upgrade. Save. Recycle.” program, contractors who bring in an old controller will receive an immediate 15% discount on a smart, WiFi enabled irrigation controller.

The program helps the environment by making it easy to upgrade less efficient units to the current generation of smart and WiFi enabled controllers, which save a significant amount of water. Additionally, each branch location has a drop-off box to make it as simple as possible to recycle old controllers and keep them out of landfills.

“Our new program allows contractors to experience the benefits and efficiency of Smart Controllers first-hand, while also feeling good about making a difference for our environment and community,” said Luis Andrade, irrigation category manager for SiteOne Landscape Supply. “We are proud to offer a wide variety of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certified WaterSense products that are designed to encourage water efficiency, and we continue to work with our suppliers to introduce new eco-friendly products and programs to help the environment and improve customer experience.”

In the U.S., SiteOne is partnering with Blue Star Recyclers, an award-winning 501c3 social enterprise with locations in Denver and Chicago. Founded in 2009, the company’s core mission is recycling electronics and other materials while also creating local jobs for people with autism or other disAbilities.

 “Canadian contractors can also take advantage of the savings,” said Andrade. “SiteOne is partnering with Canada based Greentec for the “Upgrade. Save. Recycle.” program. The company’s mission is “to lead the circular economy by supporting our clients with secure and sustainable electronics recycling solutions.”

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