Rain Bird Named Water Management Partner

The California Landscape Contractors Association has named Rain Bird Corporation as a new Water Management Certification Partner.

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The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is pleased to welcome the Rain Bird Corporation as a new Water Management Certification Program Partner. CLCA's Water Management Certification Program helps Green Industry professionals meet the need to reduce landscape water usage by meeting a water budget.

This certification program stresses performance. Participants not only take a written test, they are also required to manage at least one property to a water budget for one year to achieve certification and to submit an irrigation system audit. Participants are then required to continue to maintain a property to a water budget to continue their certification.

CLCA's Water Management Certification carries the WaterSense Label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is also approved for continuing education units by PLANET.

"The need to conserve water has never been greater and Rain Bird is dedicated to the Intelligent Use of Water, not only through our irrigation products but through our other many activities and programs, such as the IUOW Awards program for deserving water conservation projects,” Dave Johnson, Rain Bird's director of corporate marketing. “We want to do more, and as part of our commitment to water savings, we are pleased to become a CLCA Water Management Certification Program Partner. The global shortage of water is a problem that impacts us all, and together we can make a difference." 

"We are excited that Rain Bird has chosen to become a new program partner—and just in time to be part of a special display at our Landscape Industry Show February 1-2, at the Los Angeles Convention Center,” said David Silva, program manager for CLCA's Water Management Certification Program. “CLCA's Water Management Certification Program Partners (founding partners Ewing, Hunter and Toro in collaboration with Charter Partners, Horizon, John Deere Landscapes and Rain Bird) will be exhibiting some of the latest in water management technology in a special display showcasing the latest in water saving and reuse technology. Attendees will see on-site water collection and re-use, permeable pavers, advances in low-volume and sub-surface irrigation, high-efficiency overhead sprinklers and more. This year's show is all about technology.”