Hunter Industries CEO Retiring

Richard Hunter is retiring after 19 years as president and CEO, and will be replaced by Greg Hunter, who has already held several executive leadership positions within the company.

After 19 years as Hunter Industries' president and CEO, Richard Hunter is retiring. The board of directors has appointed Greg Hunter as the new president.

Richard helped start Hunter with his father, Edwin, brother Paul, and sister Ann in the early 1980s.

Richard said, "There is no better time than now for me to leave my post as president and CEO and allow the leadership team to take Hunter Industries to the next level. Our employees are world class and have shown they are capable of doing whatever is necessary to achieve success. I have total confidence in the organization and the current leadership. The best years for Hunter Industries are undoubtedly ahead."

Greg assumes this role having held executive leadership positions within several key departments at Hunter including engineering, product management, information systems and marketing. He is also a member of the Irrigation Association's board of directors and is involved with a number of other associations and non-profit groups. By trade, Greg is an engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.