Conserva Irrigation Hits Expansion Milestone after One Year of Franchising

The irrigation franchise focuses on the repair and maintenance of commercial and residential sprinkler systems.

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Conserva Irrigation, a national outdoor irrigation company founded on the concept of water conservation, celebrated the one-year mark since launching the national franchise with the signing of five new franchise agreements and three expansion contracts, totaling 52 territories across the country. Joining the existing list of markets is Northwest Louisiana; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Central New Jersey; Ann Arbor, Michigan; North Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida; and South Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Craig Ammons, sole owner of Conserva Irrigation of Northwest Louisiana, was instantly attracted to the company's core principles and system aimed at saving water every step of the way. He looks forward to offering this innovative technology in his community.

Miles Ledford owns Conserva Irrigation of Chattanooga, where he implements Conserva's five-step process to reduce water waste across irrigation systems in the local market.

Chris Venneri, an expert in irrigation services, owns Conserva Irrigation of Central New Jersey. Having been in the industry for numerous years, he understands the value of smart irrigation and Conserva's environmentally responsible irrigation services quickly drew him in.

Alex Perlman and Darnell Forte are bringing Conserva Irrigation's services to the Ann Arbor market.

Mark Defoor, owner of Conserva Irrigation of North Dallas and longtime resident of Texas, was drawn to the opportunity to bring a results-driven business to Dallas residents.

Conserva Irrigation of Chicagoland, owned by David Berryhill, offers local residents an efficient and effective method for achieving a high-performing irrigation system.

Mike Ferrara expanded his Conserva Irrigation territory to include Tampa and St. Petersburg, bringing more than 25 years of expertise in the irrigation industry to these new locations.

Existing franchisee Humberto Manzano added the South Oklahoma City territory to his Oklahoma City Conserva Irrigation business, which is an add-on to his landscaping company Apple Valley Landscapes.

"Our team is thrilled to see the outstanding progress and nationwide growth Conserva Irrigation has experienced throughout the past year," said Russ Jundt, founder of Conserva Irrigation. "The accomplishments we've achieved continue to motivate us to spread our services across the country, with new franchisees and entrepreneurs who share the same passion as us for reducing water waste in our industry. At the core of the company is our drive to create a brand that focuses on the importance of water conservation and the implementation of step-by-step assessments that can make long-lasting impacts throughout our communities.”

As a result of the company's commitment to reducing water waste and creating impactful results in the irrigation industry, the Irrigation Association recently awarded Conserva and the Target Corporation the 2018 Vanguard Award, which was created to honor an innovative project in the irrigation industry. Since launching the sustainability project across more than 320 Target properties, Conserva saved the retailer over 36 million gallons of water.

Supported by Outdoor Living Brands, Conserva Irrigation is the only irrigation company with a franchise business model focused on providing repair and maintenance practices for commercial and residential sprinkler systems. Conserva Irrigation was founded in 2010 by Russ Jundt, who became disturbed by the tremendous amount of water wasted by the typical irrigation system. As a solution to this problem, Jundt developed a proprietary process to audit irrigation systems called the System Efficiency Score to rate the water efficiency of a system based on a numerical scale. This systemized approach allows homeowners to understand how much water their sprinkler systems are wasting as well as what improvements to make in order to reduce water consumption and lower water bills.

To fuel Conserva Irrigation's growth, the company is seeking single- and multi-unit operators with a range of experience levels, as well as those looking for add-on or conversion business opportunities. Potential franchisee candidates should be willing to invest between $43,550 and $80,250. Incentives are also available for veterans, multi-territory agreements, and those with existing businesses or who are an employee of an existing franchisee.

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