High School Students Learning about Landscaping in Illinois

The landscaping and turf management students have been working on properly grading and returfing a patch of grass.

Pontiac Daily Leader
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Students at Pontiac Township High School in Pontiac, Illinois, are pitching in to help out with a little bit of landscaping at the school. Over the past few weeks, students in Parker Bane’s landscaping and turf management class have been working on properly grading and returfing a patch of grass in the teacher’s parking lot near the athletic office entrance.

“One of the main problems we wanted to fix is a drainage issue in that area,” Bane said. “The slope of the soil was causing water to flow toward the building, so facilities director John Tibbs and I got a plan together. He brought in some soil, and my class and I built it up next to the building to fix the grade.”

The class is a dual-credit course through the school’s partnership with Heartland Community College. Upon successfully completing the course, Bane said students get three hours of transferable college credit that is equal to taking a horticulture 100 class at a university.

“This would be the foundations class for a student that wants to major in horticulture,” he said. “But it’s also a very common elective for students studying almost any agricultural major. So, by the time they complete this year-long course of study, they will have that credit under their belt at Heartland.”

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