PTX40 Service Plow with Trencher

The Vermeer PTX40 Service Plow with Trencher ideal for tight spaces and when maneuverability is of utmost concern.

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Vermeer says its PTX40 service plow with optional forward-mounted trencher and boring attachment was designed primarily for irrigation and utility installations. These types of jobs often require a machine that is narrow, maneuverable and fits in tight spaces. The PTX40 also has a remote control that gives an operator flexibility in congested areas and the ability to see the machine and the work area from a variety of viewpoints. When trenching, a tether connects the machine to the remote control.

Other key features include:

  • Minimum width of 40.2 inches
  • 84.8 inches long
  • Oscillates at the point of articulation, offering maneuverability and performance on uneven terrain and in narrow spaces
  • 48-hp Kubota WG1605 gas engine
  • Planetary axles reduce stress and torque going to the driveline
  • Plow has a maximum depth of 24 inches
  • Trencher cuts a maximum of 42 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches wide
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