Stihl Manual Sprayers Offer Range of Convenience Features to Protect Plants

Versatile Stihl manual sprayers deliver accuracy

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The Stihl SG 51 and Stihl SG 71 manual backpack sprayers maintain working pressure, thanks to a pressurized fluid reservoir separate from the main tank. Whether you’re spraying insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, pressure is maintained, even through refills. the SG51 has a 32. gallon capacity and the SG71 a 4.75 gal The Stihl sprayers also share the following features:

  • Separate pressure reservoir from the main tank, reducing the amount of pumping needed.
  • Internal pump located inside the main tank, intended to eliminate the likelihood of external damage
  • Reinforced hose with thick walls designed to reliably push liquid to the spray nozzle
  • Spraying wand reinforced with fiberglass to ensure endurance and protect against heat
  • Welded tank and base connection for durability
  • Translucent tank helps users keep track of liquid levels
  • Sprayer seals and O-rings produced from Viton fluoroelastomers ensuring long-lasting and secure leak protection
  • Reinforced shut-off valve trigger for added strength and sturdiness
  • Adjustable dial brass nozzle, allowing users to adjust the spray settings from fine mist to solid stream to tackle a variety of jobs
  • Pump lever can be mounted on the left or right side and is reinforced with a metal insert for additional strength
  • Integrated handle for safe and easy carrying
  • Large opening, making it easy for users to pour liquid into the tank, limiting spills on the job.

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