GSE Compartmented 600-Gallon Unit

A spray rig to service multiple grass types

600 Compartmented
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In today’s market, you often find yourself needing multiple applications on one route. If you’re looking for a spray rig to service multiple grass types, Graham’s Compartmented 600-gallon unit (400/200) is certainly worth looking into. Dual pumping stations means increased efficiency as two people can spray simultaneously. Pair this versatile tank with the highly acclaimed Isuzu truck and you have the perfect setup. The GSE Compartmented 600-Gallon Unit includes the following and more:

  • 11 x 8-foot aluminum truck bed with ladder step
  • 30 x 30 x 78-inch aluminum storage compartment  
  • Water tank mounted on toolbox (16-gallon)
  • 2 underbed storage boxes
  • AR-30 AP pump with AR-regulator
  • Gear Reduction
  • Hannay Power Rewind Reel
  • Fiberglass Tank
  • Customizable
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