Scotts' New Formula Damaging Lawns

Homeowners have been facing damaged or destroyed centipede lawns after using Scotts Turf Bonus S Weed & Feed.

In an article originally published on WBTW, homeowners have been facing damaged or destroyed centipede lawns after using Scotts Turf Bonus S Weed & Feed. Ronald Wilnson, a homeowner in Forestbrook, SC, said that he spent hundreds of dollars each year to make sure he has one of the best lawns in his neighborhood.

This spring however was different; Winson says his lawn was spotted with brown grass and bare spots after using Scotts Turf Builder Bonus S Weed & Feed. He had used the Scotts brand before and never had problems with it.

Scotts says it started receiving complaints from homeowners shortly after it changed the product’s formula.

Jim King, senior vice president of corporate affairs, says the company received hundreds of claims in South Carolina—primarily along the coast in Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

“We changed that active ingredient after doing several years of field testing and a couple years of market testing in Florida,” King said. “And surprising to us that we saw in late spring was a spike in complaints from homeowners who had centipede lawns.”

King estimates Scotts will pay tens of millions to settle claims and replace product throughout the South. King says the company has since stopped using the faulty formula and has already pulled the product from store shelves across the country.

Winson learned about Scotts voluntarily pulling the product from store shelves after he spent about $300 to aerate and re-seed his lawn. He filed an online claim anyways and within a few days, a claims adjuster showed up at his house to survey his lawn.

“When we contacted them, they seemed on top of it,” Winson said. “They seemed like they actually cared our yard was damaged.”

Scotts continues to receive complaints on its website as more homeowners learn of the problem. Customers can begin the claims process by visiting and filling out an online form. Scotts says it may take several weeks to address problems with individual lawns, due to the nature of claims. Scotts has offered to replace sod, rehabilitate lawns or offer a refund with a proof of purchase.