Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizers

Gloucester, ME 01931

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28 Kondelin Rd.
Gloucester, ME 01931
Toll Free:1(800)259-4769

Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizers offers an all organic fertilizer made from fish hydrolysate. Neptune's Harvest says that its product is made by utilizing naturally occurring enzymes present in fresh North Atlantic fish. The company produces the product using Hydrolysis, which is a cold process employing enzymes, which break down fish, or fish frames (the part left after the fillet is removed for human consumption) to simpler protein complexes. Neptune's Harvest says that no synthetic materials are mixed into the fish hydrolysate, and the only manipulation the product undergoes is grinding and hydrolysis. This process yields a stable, non-odorous, liquid fertilizer that is an easy to use, safe product. The nitrogen in Neptune's Harvest fish fertilizer is derived from fish protein in the form of amino acids which when added to the soil, slowly break down into basic nitrogen compounds. While a percentage of nitrogen becomes soluble due to the nature of the manufacturing process, no inorganic nitrogen has been added. Neptune's Harvest says that its hydrolyzed fish does no biological damage to the soil and will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria making the soil less compact and better able to drain, yet hold moisture better for future plant use as it is needed.

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