Weed Man Adds Mosquito Control Services

Weed Man now has 21 service offerings

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Weed Man strengthened its commitment to helping customers take back their yard, as it officially announced the addition of mosquito control to its comprehensive and environmentally-responsible list of services.

With a mosquito control service, Weed Man can better protect its customers, their pets and their lawns from the annoyance of mosquitos — notoriously known for carrying and transmitting harmful diseases like Zika and West Nile. The newest offering also solidifies Weed Man as an industry leader, allowing the franchise to better meet all its customers’ needs and providing them with a one-stop-shop for world-class lawn care services.

“The Weed Man promise has always been to treat every lawn as if it was our own, so we have been working hard to roll out this new service to continuing being our customer’s first choice for a healthy, pest-free lawn worth enjoying,” said Weed Man Chief Operations Officer Jennifer Lemcke. “Our franchisees have matched our enthusiasm and consumers will soon start to see the offering available to them.”

Administered by properly-trained service technicians, Weed Man’s mosquito control service utilizes specialized equipment to strategically and safely target mosquitoes where they are or could be living to reduce their populations on your property. The new offering is service guaranteed to reduce mosquito populations, allowing customers to get back to enjoying their outdoor oasis as intended. Weed Man is currently releasing marketing materials for this service and select franchise locations will be implementing the mosquito control this season.

Weed Man, named one of the Fastest-Growing Franchises by Entrepreneur magazine’s prestigious annual Franchise 500 – earning the No. 59 spot in 2019, now has 21 service offerings customers can leverage based on their individual lawn and region. Offerings include: mosquito control, weed control service, bermuda grass control, crabgrass control, white grub removal, fire ant management, flea and tick control, lawn disease control, dalliasgrass control, lawn fertilization, lawn seeding, mechanical core aeration, mole control services, moss control, nutsedge control, organic lawn dressing service, prevention program for white grubs, soil pH control, soil revitalizer, surface insect control and vegetation control.